Anonymous: Goddammit you are way past cute. Have a wonderul day, forever.

wow wow wow


*fucks something serious up*

me: shit my bad

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Hey guys! so i recently hit 3k followers (wouhououuuu). So basically my english skills are kind of disgusting so i’ll keep this short. I just wanted to take a moment & say Thank You to everyone! i really don’t know why the fuck any of you are following this blog tbh (haha im serious)  but thank you! Thank you so much for being so amazing & positive. I love every single one of you and i wish you all the best in your life! 
So, here’s my 1st follow 5ever. :)))
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100% awesome!
100 % 素晴れらしい !



juun.j s/s 2015
Anonymous: hello, which apps did you use to your last selfie with this cute anime ??

just picsart+transparent animu



shun ito can go from geek to high fashion chic in the blink of a shutter

shit why can’t i ever find more photos of u handsome boy